Tenderness and Flavor

Indiana Fresh From the Farm Beef is known more traditionally as freezer beef. Farmers have always raised their own beef, had it processed and aged locally and brought back to the farm to feed their families.  Freezer beef is flash frozen and properly packaged to provide quality products as close as your home’s freezer. 

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association, the state organization of beef producing farmers, and Purdue University initiated the Indiana Fresh From the Farm Beef  program in response to consumers’ desire to know more about where their food comes from.  In addition, consumers have demonstrated a desire to help local farmers in their counties and state because, together, they share in the success of local communities.

Farmers participating in the Indiana Fresh From the Farm Beef  program have taken extra steps to ensure that their products and services meet your needs.  In order for a farmer to become an IFFB program partner, he or she must have attended six hours of training to improve their knowledge about beef production and marketing.  The topics of the training include product marketing, pricing, distribution, promotion, customer service, beef safety, quality assurance, genetics, environmental stewardship, and animal handling/well-being. They are all tested on the training and agree to perform to standards outlined in the program partner agreement. 

Indiana Fresh From the Farm Beef  is traditionally sold as “sides/halves,” “quarters,” or cuts.  This means that a consumer will purchase a fairly large quantity of beef at one time to store at home in the freezer.  How much you want to purchase will depend on several factors­- size of family, size of freezer, what cuts you want and how often you prepare beef.  Some IFFB program partners may even offer smaller packages or individual cuts. 

As today’s lifestyles change, so have consumers’ desires for beef products. Through Indiana Fresh From the Farm Beef , you can work alongside your beef supplier to customize the cuts you want. We want these cuts to fit your families’ needs, your methods of preparation, your time constraints and provide you with some opportunities to inject something new into family mealtime routine or impress your friends when you entertain.