Pulaski County

Right As Rain Ranch "See 'em Grow Beef"

Bret and Sue Wolf
407 S High St
Warsaw, IN 46580

Home Phone: 574-267-5385
Cell Phone: 574-265-6229
Email Address: bretwolf1959@gmail.com

"3R" is an operation of black Angus cattle. They support and are certified in the IQ+Beef and are certified producers for the Indiana Farm Fresh Program. 3R is currently offering a limited availability for freezer beef.

Production Method:
Grass Fed
Grain Fed
Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb and Pork

Scott and Nikki Royer
12901 S State Rd 63
Clinton, IN 47842

Phone: 765-832-7104

Email Address: info@royerfarmfresh.com

Visit our website:  www.royerfarmfresh.com

Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb and Pork is dedicated to raising natural, tender, flavorful meats on our 132 year-old Vermillion county family farm.  To bring you the highest-quality meat, we raise all the cattle and sheep on pasture, provide the pigs outside space for fresh air and exercise, use no hormones or antibiotics, and feed locally-grown corn and forages.  In addition, we strive to be good stewards of the soil and water so the livestock, wildlife, our family and our neighbors will have a clean and healthy place to live. 
After dry-aging, to enhance flavor and tenderness, the meat is cut and packaged by two family-owned, independent butcher shops.  We have a large selection of beef (steaks, roasts, ground beef), pork (chops, roasts, ground pork, sausage, bacon, hams, heat-n-eat BBQ) and lamb (chops, racks, legs, ground lamb, stew, shanks, bratwurst, Italian sausage, heat-n-eat gyros) for sale.  Discounted volume packages of  ½ and whole hogs or lambs and ¼, ½ and whole beef are available.  We also partner with restaurants and institutional accounts.
To learn more about the farm, sign up for our newsletter by emailing us at info@royerfarmfresh.com.  You can purchase meat through the website, www.royerfarmfresh.com, visit us at the Broad Ripple, Fishers, Zionsville, Terra Haute or White Violet Farmers Market or check out our website to learn about restaurants and retail stores offering our meats.

Production Method:
•Grass Fed
Grain Fed

Purchasing Options:
Split Sides
Custom Packaging

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* Gift Certificates Available
* Order online from our website:  www.royerfarmfresh.com
Sennett Cattle Company

Clark Sennett
3776 N 625 W
Waynetown, IN 47990

Business Phone: 765-366-0221

Email Address: csennett@tctc.com

Quality Grade

Production Method
Grass/Grain Fed

Purchasing Options
Custom Packages

Waukaru Premium

Barry and Anita Jordan
Phone: 219-866-3513

Toby and Jodi Jordan
Phone: 219-819-0430

7577 S 210 E
Rensselaer, IN 47978

Visit our website at:  www.waukaru.net

Waukaru Farms is a Centennial Farm located in east central Jasper County.  Barry and Toby are the 4th and 5th generation owners.  The original homestead is now home to the 6th generation.  Shorthorn and Shorthorn Cross livestock make up the basis of our freezer beef product.  Recent DNA research shows Shorthorns have the highest level of tenderness of any beef breed tested.  We offer a money back guarantee on our quality product.  We have had 25 years worth of satisfied customers.  We have sold our product to customers from Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL and Madison, WI

Quality Grade

Production Method
Grain Fed

Purchasing Options

* Delivery is Available